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Farmers Market

Media Day was a Tasty Treat at Media Day

Cannon Countians received a special treat last Saturday during the Market’s first Media Day. Recipes, goodies and other resources were provided by Amy Tavalin, TDA Farmers Marketing Specialist and Marketing Specialist, Wendy Sneed. Sara Steelman baked some biscuits and local producers supplied the toppings. Biscuits smothered with local honey, courtesy of the honey bees at Joe Patterson and a spoonful of plum jelly made by Irene Hollis was a tasty treat. What a way to start off the Market! We brought back another favorite, peppers on the half shell. Harold Underwood Anaheim and sweet peppers split in halve and stuffed with a cream cheese sausage/hamburger mixture, sprinkled with cheese and toasted in the oven with a little favoring with the Blue Porch selection of hot sauces. What a tasty treat, and a good snack for those visiting the Market. Along with promoting local vegetables, we wanted to highlight a few other local favorites. With help from the Tennessee Pork Producers, we used my son’s cooking skills to grill up a few pork chops for a tasty bite as well. The Tennessee Department of Agriculture, Tennessee Pork Produces and the Tennessee Beef Council provided a great selection of recipes, goodies and cooking facts for our taste sampling. I want to thank all of you that came out to support this year’s media day. Especially those that came to lend a helping hand; David and Diane Sneed, Davy Sneed, my wife Sara and son, what a team!

For those looking for locally grown farm fresh vegetables, drop by the Cannon County Farmers Market this Saturday, August 23rd for a great selection of fruits, vegetables and baked good including; beans (blue lake, Roma and half-runners), beets, butternut, cantaloupes, cucumbers, eggplant, fresh herbs, local honey, peppers (Anaheim, bell, banana, Poblano, cayenne, jalapeno, sweet banana), mint, okra, potatoes (Yukon, red Pontiac, cobblers and Kennebec), purple hull peas, sweet corn (peaches & cream and silver queen), squash (zucchini, patty pan and yellow), sweet corn, tomatoes (red, yellow and green), watermelons, assortment of squash. Irene Hollis has a great selection of homemade fried pies and assortment of jams, jellies and baked goods. Half Acre Farm offers shiitake mushrooms and organic cucumbers, tommy toe tomatoes, basil, salsa and pesto.

The Cannon County Farmers Market is located in the Farmers Pavilion at the Cannon County Arts Center (1424 John Bragg Hwy, Woodbury, TN 37190) every Saturday beginning at 6:00 A.M. Most Saturdays the market is open until noon or until the farm fresh fruits and vegetables have been sold. During the week, drop by the Market on Tuesdays and Thursday from 7A.M. until 11:00A.M for locally grown fruits and vegetable at the peak of freshness.

If you need more information concerning the market or would like to become a vendor, contact Bruce Steelman at the Cannon County Extension Office (563-2554), or

Featured Vegetable of the week is Okra

As is true with a number of our less generally popular vegetables, many people fail to appreciate this one because they do not know how to use it. The first and commonest mistake that gardeners make is to let the pods become too old and tough before harvesting them. They grow very fast, and in hot weather will become unfit for use in less than a week from the time they start developing from the pollinated flower. The plants must be gone over at least every second day and the pods harvested when only three to five days old.

Important Crop in South

Okra is rarely used "straight" except when fried with meal, just a little of it usually being cooked with other vegetables or put into soups and stews. Okra alone is generally considered too "gooey," or mucilaginous, to suit American tastes. In recent years, however, it has become an important commercial crop in certain localities in the South, where thousands of tons of the pods are grown for the large soup companies.

Okra (PDF166 KB)

Fresh Recipe of the Week

If you'd like to submit a recipe that includes fresh, currently available fruit or vegetable please contact the Cannon County Extension Office at 563-2554, Bruce Steelman (, Carla Bush or Erin Nichols.

See this week's recipe.
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