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Farmers Market

Colors of Summer at the Market

This coming Saturday is an especially special day at the Farmers Market. We will be having guests from the Tennessee Department of Agriculture. This will be an excellent opportunity to showcase our Market, the abundance of the items produced here in Cannon County and especially the Cannon County Hospitality. Drop by the Market this Saturday for a “taste of Cannon County” along with recipes and an assortment of down home goodness. One of the special moments on Saturday was a visit from Thurman Bogle’s daughter which lives in Atlanta. We looked around a noticed Thurman had a visitor and the next thing we knew, they broke out a bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich. Just a another day at the Market…

Featured Vegetable of the week is Okra

As is true with a number of our less generally popular vegetables, many people fail to appreciate this one because they do not know how to use it. The first and commonest mistake that gardeners make is to let the pods become too old and tough before harvesting them. They grow very fast, and in hot weather will become unfit for use in less than a week from the time they start developing from the pollinated flower. The plants must be gone over at least every second day and the pods harvested when only three to five days old.

Important Crop in South

Okra is rarely used "straight" except when fried with meal, just a little of it usually being cooked with other vegetables or put into soups and stews. Okra alone is generally considered too "gooey," or mucilaginous, to suit American tastes. In recent years, however, it has become an important commercial crop in certain localities in the South, where thousands of tons of the pods are grown for the large soup companies.

Okra (PDF166 KB)

Fresh Recipe of the Week

If you'd like to submit a recipe that includes fresh, currently available fruit or vegetable please contact the Cannon County Extension Office at 563-2554, Bruce Steelman (, Carla Bush or Erin Nichols.

See this week's recipe.
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