Farmer’s Market Guidelines

A producer certificate must be completed by Farm Vendors before selling at the Cannon County Farmers Market. The certificate can be obtained at the Cannon County Extension Office and must be filled out and signed by the Vendor’s and Bruce Steelman, Adult Agriculture and County Director with the Cannon U.T. Extension Office. The Cannon County Extension office will retain a copy. A COPY and/or original OF THIS CERTIFICATE MUST BE DISPLAYED by the VENDOR’S while at the MARKET.

The Cannon County Farmers Market will be every Saturday from 6 A.M. until Noon and on Tuesday from 3:00 P.M. until 6:00 P.M. beginning in June through September, 2011. Farmers may sell any farm products, including value-added products. At least one ingredient or material in any value-added good sold in a farm vendor’s booth must have been grown on the producer’s farm. All produce sold at the market must be locally grown. To be locally grown, the produce must have been grown within 100 mile radius of Woodbury, TN and within the state of Tennessee. Any complaints filed about producers not following these rules should be made in the proper manner as outlined in the “Complaint” section, below. A Farm vendor is defined as the person who grows or makes the product and may include the producer’s immediate family, partners, or employees. Multiple farm vendors may be represented in one space only if the producer’s farm certificate is displayed from each and the products are clearly marked as to their origin. Each producer’s name must be made clear in each booth. At least 75% of products sold in a booth must be grown or produced by the Farm Vendor tending the booth. The Farm Vendor is allowed 3 producers certificates- one for their farm and 2 for other farmers/producers.

Farm & Prepared Foods Requirements & Regulatory Information

Farm products include, but are not limited to: produce, plants, eggs, honey, meat, cheese, milk, decorative gourds, herbs, animal fibers and cut flowers. Farm vendors cannot change food from its original state without approval from the Tennessee Dept. of Agriculture (TDA) Regulatory Services. This includes jams and jellies, shelled beans or sliced watermelon. Baked goods & value added products are considered a “Prepared Food” and require permitting by the TDA. Foods prepared on-site, such as concessions, are under the regulatory authority of the Tennessee Dept. of Health.

Farm products requiring licenses include:

Eggs: A permit is required for all vendors selling eggs in Tennessee.  Cartons must be labeled the name and contact information of the grower. At the market, eggs must be stored properly.

Egg sales in the state are regulated under the Tennessee Egg Law as defined in Title 53, Chapter 2 of the Tennessee Code and by standards set by the Food and Dairy Section of the Division of Regulatory Services, Tennessee Department of Agriculture. The Department of Agriculture has developed a list of requirements that must be met in order to sell unclassified eggs. The “unclassified” designation is defined as “the general run of edible eggs sold by a producer directly to a consumer, which have not been candled, sorted or graded.” Requirements are different for producers selling less than 50 cases per year and those selling more than 50 cases per year.

UNDER 50 CASES PER YEAR (30 dozen per case)
1. The eggs must be cleaned and then sanitized in a solution of 50 – 200 ppm of unscented chlorine (test strips required) and then rinsed with potable water. Negative water test for coliform required annually if water source is from non public system. Waste and waste water must be disposed of properly.
2. Generic cartons must be provided with producers name and address and the statement “Unclassified Eggs” on each carton. “Code dates” or “sell by dates”, which may be used as lot numbers, are recommended to be placed on the outside of each egg carton.
3. Facility must be inspected and permitted by TDA. Permit as 615 type 015 (Eggs and egg products). Fee relative to size of area used to clean and store eggs, typically $50.00.
4. May use household kitchen or other suitable area for cleaning, sanitizing and packing eggs with emphasis on avoiding contamination.
5. Eggs for sale must be stored below 45 degrees F. in a separate refrigerator from household use away from any hazards and have an accurate thermometer visible in the storage area.
For complete rules governing the sale of eggs, go to
Meat: Must be processed in a USDA certified facility. All meat products offered for sale must have the USDA seal and be stored properly for the entirety of the market.

Honey: Honey processors who produce less than 150 gallons of honey per year are not required to obtain a Regulatory Services Permit. The product must still be labeled with contact information, net weight in ounces and grams and ingredients.

Cheese and Milk Products: All dairy products sold in Tennessee must be registered.

Plants: Vendors selling rooted plant materials at farmers’ markets in Tennessee have to be certified by TDA before selling their nursery materials. Exceptions include tomato, squash & eggplant starts. All bedding plants, strawberries and herbs require a license. There are several types of nursery, greenhouse or plant dealer applications. A description of the various applications can be obtained from TDA Division of Regulatory Services. Potential vendors must send a copy of their certificate to the Cannon County Extension Office, as well as keep a copy at his/her booth during each market.

Prepared Foods: All prepared foods must be sold in compliance with TN Dept. of Agriculture and Cannon County Health Dept. regulations. All packaged foods must be labeled with vendor contact information, ingredients and net weight. The vendor must also have a copy of each license at his/her booth on market days (domestic kitchen certification & food manufacturing requirements). All food must be stored properly while at the Cannon County Farmers Market.

For information about the domestic kitchen certification & food manufacturing requirements, please contact the TN Dept. of Agriculture at 615-837-5193. Domestic kitchen guidelines can be found at:

Most permits and certificates can be found through the TN Dept. of Agriculture website, or by calling 615-837-5137.

All vendors selling products by weight must have certified scales in accordance with state law. Commercial Scale Testing: Contact Robert G. Williams, (615) 837-5109.

Cannon Farmers Market Regulations

The Cannon County Extension Agent has the right to physically inspect crops and production areas of Farm Vendors at any time. Click here to see the products allowed to be sold at the market.

Products not listed should receive clearance from the Cannon County Extension Agent prior to sale at the market. Products which will NOT be sold include: Live animals Produce or products purchased for resale Tools, clothing, toys, other “yard sale” type items.

Vendors must supply their own tables, chairs, etc.

Smoking and use of alcoholic beverages are not allowed in the market.

Each vendor must leave the selling area clean. All refuse and unsold goods must be removed from the market area by the vendor. All boxes and trash from each vendor must be removed from the site. Vendors will not use the market provided trash cans to dispose of trash or liquids.

Inappropriate conduct or language towards other vendors, customers, or management of the Cannon County Farmers Market whether in person or by electronic media, will not be tolerated and may be grounds for immediate dismissal from the Market. Vendors assume all responsibility for any losses of property or money from the market site. Booths should never be left unattended.

COMPLAINTS Vendor complaints must be submitted in writing on an official protest form included in each vendor application and available at the UT Extension Service Office and within one week of the alleged violation. Vendor complaints must be submitted in writing, signed and accompanied by a $75 cash deposit. The written complaint must include:

1. Name (s) of vendors involved
2. Date and time of complaint
3. Action or activity that is being protested
4. Specific rule(s) that are alleged to have been violated.
5. Names and signature of two other parties that will verify and support the grievance.
The burden of proof rests with the party filing the complaint. The $75 deposit will be returned if the complaint is upheld. The deposit will be forfeited to the Cannon County Farmers Market if the complaint is not sustained. The UT Extension Agent has the authority to make appropriate decisions based on the published guidelines of the Cannon County Farmers Market. If needed, the complaint shall be referred to a “Grievance Committee” The complaint will be reviewed. The grievance may be discussed with parties involved in reaching a decision. All parties involved will be notified of decisions reached. The “Grievance Committee” members, if so needed, will be selected by the Cannon County UT Extension Agent. Inappropriate conduct during the complaint process (i.e. yelling, swearing, throwing items, harassing or threatening management, etc.) will not be tolerated and could result in immediate dismissal from the Market.